Mike Fortin of Fortin Amps is a highly respected boutique Amp builder who is known for modding amps and his current line of Fortin Amps: the BONES, NATAS and the 6 Channel MEATHEAD. Mike just made an announcement that he is going to be working with Randall Amplifiers to design a new signature amp for Kirk Hammett based off the MEATHEAD, in fact the photo above is one of the prototypes that Kirk used for the Yankee Stadium gig. Once Mike completes the Kirk Hammett amp he is going to design an amp for James Hetfield before addressing some of Randall’s current production amps. Meanwhile Fortin amps will continue and Mike is going to take on new staff in order to make sure the orders are completed.

Want to hear what a Fortin Meathead sounds like? Check out this clip from Ola Englund putting it through it’s paces: