Michael Dolce: Legato Techniques & Concepts Vol 1
Michael Dolce is a master of legato technique on guitar, his main influence from when he picked up guitar was fellow Aussie Brett Garsed and Michael has absorbed everything he has learned from players such as Brett to develop a very unique style and sound. In his first instructional DVD Michael Dolce analyses concepts and techniques that are key to his legato style and improvisation and includes plenty of TAB examples and backing tracks to set you on the track to legato mastery yourself.

The DVD begins with a section called ‘Talking Scale Positions’ where Michael demonstrates the fingering and patterns that he uses and how he relates each pattern to chord shapes. In the following section Michael discusses muting within the legato technique to enable you to stop notes ringing and create fluid lines, this is obviously a very big part of creating Michael’s smooth legato licks. Moving on, the next section is called “Hybrid Picking and Cross String Hammer Ons”. Michael uses uses cross string hammer ons a lot and to me it is one of the key features that make up his unique sound, there’s some very cool and challenging licks for you to work on. “Using arpeggios to create non linear lines” is the next section where Michael discusses how to build ideas from arpeggio fragments to use within scalar runs to break them up and make them sound more musical, this is key to creating interesting improvisations. Once again there are some examples with close up video for you to get your teeth into including a great sliding legato lick. The final part of this DVD is called “Chromatic and outside lines” where Michael plays examples and analyses them on the fly explaining how each note relates to the key he is playing over, if you are new to music theory you may want to look into extended chords so you better understand what these relationships are that Michael is talking about.

All examples are transcribed including 5 backing tracks with chord charts and as an added bonus Michaels’ “Cronies” solo section transcription plus backing track and full song mp3 from Michael’s debut album “Everything til now”.

The DVD will be available to purchase from http://michaeldolcemusic.com/ as of Thursday 13th December.