Sydney based MI Audio make some of the best effects pedals in the world and recently released an upgraded version of their Blues Pro pedal called the Super Blues Pro which adds even more tonal features and versatility. Anyway MI also recently obtained a Klon Centaur which as you know has a unique tone unobtainable by any other means due to the circuitry being dipped in Unicorn tears. MI decided to see what the Super Blues Pro sounded like in comparison and did a little shootout video. So rather than pay $1000 for an overhyped gold coloured box maybe check out some of the alternatives on offer like MI Audio’s Super Blues Pro and spend more time worrying about playing than whether your pedals contain mystical mojo created on forums.

We recently had the KLON Centaur in the MI Audio workshop and after playing it for awhile, realised that it had a similar tone to the MOSFET setting on the Super Blues Pro.

So did a quick A/B shootout and were able to dial in some verrrrry close tones. Difference being that the MI Audio Super Blues Pro can be had for $149 AND it has much more versatility than the 3-knob KLON.

The MI Audio Super Blues Pro isn’t gold, nor does it have a Centaur on it. But it does deliver crystal clean boosts, transparent overdrive, mid-range crunch and many more tones.

The setup used was an SG into KLON/Super Blues Pro into MI Audio The Duchess prototype amp set clean – SM57 close mic’d into a M-Audio Fast Track Ultra.