Masayoshi Takanaka's model railway guitar
This is by far one of the craziest guitars to be added to my Crazy Guitar Designs category, in fact if I didn’t know whose guitar this was I would hazard a guess at Spinal Tap’s Nigel Tufnel, although it is a little nerdy for him he would probably prefer a Scalextric Guitar (hey I’m trademarking that idea right now so don’t even think about it!).

So the gentelman above is Mr Masayoshi Takanaka previously featured on Guitar Noize playing his rather bizarre Surfboard Guitar and seeing as we had a Surfboard guitar yesterday I thought it was time to revisit Masayoshi Takanaka’s bizarre guitar collection. I can’t read Japanese and don’t really trust Google translate enough to know what the real name of this guitar is but it would appear that it is some sort of model railway and it looks incredibly uncomfortable to play, although compared to the Surfboard guitar it is probably a piece of cake!

Here is a close up:
Masayoshi Takanaka's model railway guitar

And finally a video of Masayoshi Takanaka playing this guitar

Thank you to Guitar Noize reader Sushi-Guitar for the links and info on Masayoshi Takanaka.