byline picby Pappy

Being on a dark stage, it can be difficult to see your knobs and, if you’re the kind of guitarist that uses your knobs in your songs, that can be a big problem. Some companies have tried to fix this by using knobs with glow-in-the-dark lines, but these are almost always on fragile, plastic knobs.

Luckily Luminlay, a company that has until now been selling replacement fretboard and side inlays that glow in the dark has started offering aftermarket knobs – metal knobs – and these knobs glow in the dark and not in the “one line is all you need,” kind of way, but with a ring of glow-in-the-dark numbers that are big enough to be seen on stage, shining in their brilliance.

Luminlay sent me the MA19G-BK, which is a black plated knob with green glowing numbers, and right away you can feel the durability in the knob’s heft. While you may initially think that the glow ring is made from plastic, you’d be wrong. It’s a ring of metal that’s been engraved and then filled with glow-in-the-dark paint.


At 1,900 yen (about 18.00 US), these knobs are on the pricey end, but they’re well worth the cost. Judging by the glow strength (very bright), duration (about 20 minutes without any recharging, but it’s worth noting that stage lights will recharge the paint so you will probably have knobs that glow for as long as you need) and general knob quality, I would recommend these to any guitarist who wants to be able to see their knob’s position(s) at any time, or just to spice up their guitar’s aesthetics! It’s money well-spent to add a unique and functional twist to your guitar.

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