Zendrive 2 Tung Sol 12AX7
In case you weren’t already aware the Hermida Audio Zendrive (favoured by players such as Robben Ford) is now being produced by Alfonso Hermida for Lovepedal. Alfonso has built a small batch of the Zendrive 2 pedals featuring a 12AX7 tube which are very rare and ready to ship.

Original Handmade Zendrive with a dual triode preamp tube inside. The tube is installed in a socket and can be replaced with other preamp tubes. Different tubes can change the voicing and gain of the pedal in different ways.

The Zendrive 2 comes with a TUNG-SOL 12AX7 tube but can also use 12AT7, 7025, 5751.

“Some customers do experiment with NOS and commercially available tubes since its easy to change and test them in the pedal. They also ask me what would I recommend. I tell them that I’ve already done the homework for them and my choice is the Tung-Sol 12AX7. Keep playing the pedal, let the tube break in and enjoy.” – Alfonso Hermida

This pedal also comes with a free 9V DC, 200mA adapter since it does not operate with a battery.

To purchase a Zendrive 2 Tung-Sol 12AX7 pedal made and signed by Alfonso Hermida click here.