Lovepedal have posted this great demo of the HI VOLT CUSTOM 1, a powerful, fully saturated, mid to high gain JFET unit.

…the Hi Volt offers a cascaded, multiple JFET design. Internally charge pumped to 16VDC feeding a “post” 16 volt, high headroom, custom tuned, active three-band eq.

With it’s generous amount of gain on tap, the Hi Volt gives you a diverse palate of everything from blues to metal, Marshall to Mesa and so on. When playing chord, the distortion remains tight and focused. When playing single note lines, they are supported and carried by Hi Volt’s beautifully, rounded low end and it’s amp-like precision to your pick attack.

The Hi Volt can take an amp of any size and give it an unprecedented amount of depth and mass. It works exceptionally well with both single coil and humbucking pickups.


  • POST Three-band active eq / Internally Charge Pumped 16VDC
  • True Bypass switching, making sure your signal is preserved when the effect is off
  • Power requirements: 9VDC, center negative adapter/ 9V battery / 20mA Current Draw
  • Made in USA


  • Volume -Controls the overall output of the effect. There’s a lot of it on tap too. You’ll find unity gain between the effected and bypassed signal around 10:00-11:00.
  • Gain – Controls the distortion amount of the effect. Around 9:00 is good for a nice, bluesy lead. 1:00 for a tight, hard rock rhythm and 3:00 for a tight and saturated assault.
  • Treble -The Treble knob will add or subtract presence to the effected signal. Rolling back around 10:00 will give a darker, rounder sound, while moving around 2:00 will add clarity.
  • Middle – The Middle knob will add body to the effected signal. Keep it around the 2:00 will give an even, focused sound, while rolling back around 9:00 will produce a “scooped” effect.
  • Bass – The Bass knob will add mass and low end to the effected signal. There’s plenty to go around, so even at 9:00, there’s already a “full” sub frequency happening. Turn it to 2:00 to really push some air.

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