I’m really liking the sound of ‘Sweet Tea’ by POLYPHIA, it has a catchy poppy melody which is something quite different for the progressive metal genre. Also POLYPHIA have some amazing talented guest guitarists playing solos on the album including Nick Johnston, Aaron Marshall of Intervals and Jakub Zytecki of Disperse.

All aged between 20-21, the devastatingly talented band’s debut marks a new stage in progressive fusion. Equally inspired by guitar wizards Guthrie Govan and Rick Graham and the pop sensibility of the R&B/rap world, ‘Muse’ is a 44 minute ride full of groove, ear-teasing riffs and melodies and blindsiding musical brilliance.

“Polyphia are backed by an impressive fanbase who fully crowdfunded the album, smashing the target by over 200%. Having already played SBSW and SXSW, Polyphia are set to undertake their first two tours, with Monuments and then Intervals and The Contortionist.”

Featuring members of Intervals, Chelsea Grin, CHON and more, Muse was produced by Nick Sampson (Born of Osiris, I am Abomination, In Fear and Faith) at 37 studios.