Light Lead Optical Analogue Guitar Cable
Ok so my first thought was, do we really need optical analogue guitar cables? Speaker cables I can see would be very useful, mic leads again would probably be good too but I’ve used guitar cables that are just too bright and I would worry that this may be the case with a perfect optical signal too? My second thought was, I would prefer that the signal from my guitar to my amp was as perfect as possible as I can always use the preamp to EQ the tone to however I want it. So my answer to myself is, yes, maybe I do need this!

The Light Lead has zero capacitance and zero loading resulting in the most precise, perfect, dynamic and crystal clear guitar sound ever experienced, I would very much like to hear an A/B test with a nice single coil clean tone as I bet this would be where you would hear the difference the most.

Press Release
The new Patent Pending Light Lead technology is unique in the existing cable industry using analogue fibre optic technology to provide zero capacitance. This achieves a completely flawless analogue signal transmission with no compression and faithful reproduction of the guitar tone, whatever the length of lead!

The PVC coated Light Lead uses ultra high density, small diameter optical analogue cables that are resistant to crushing and impact giving them a virtually infinite life. They are electrically safe with full electro-magnetic immunity, which makes them distortion and interference free. Subsonic and motion noise, static and interference will be a thing of the past; never again will guitarists’ find their cables acting as aerials. With these advantages they are ideal for use in environments that depend on consistent reliable sound delivery whether it’s on stage or in the studio. The future is light!

The optical analogue technology has the ability to be expanded into many areas of the audio industry from microphones to speakers, headphones and more.

For those of you attending Winter NAMM, head over to Hall C, Booth 4594 and let me know what you think!

For further in formation please visit their website