If you follow Keith Merrow this probably won’t come as a complete surprise, Keith owns or has owned a lot of 7 string guitars over the years and did try to launch a signature model at one point with Strictly 7 Guitars but the prototype basically fell apart and he wasn’t happy with both the product and putting his name on it. Since then Keith has been seen playing a myriad of guitars on his very popular YouTube channel made by Bernie Rico Jnr and Mayones and more recently a 2014 Schecter Banshee 8 string prototype and a Jeff Loomis Custom Shecter.

Keith is currently writing and recording an album with Jeff Loomis which they successfully crowd funded, in fact they got over double their target – http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/conquering-dystopia. As you are probably aware Jeff Loomis has had a signature model Schecter Guitar for a long time now and I guess working closely with Jeff, Keith has had a chance to put the Schecter through it’s paces and decided he can work with them to produce his ideal signature guitar. Keith has just posted the photos of Prototype 1 of the Schecter KM-7 which closely resembles a Bernie Rico Jnr. guitar that he has been using a lot over the past year or so (check that guitar out here), the main difference being the choice of Fretboard wood.

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