‘John Mayer: Someday I’ll Fly’ chronicles the musical evolution of one of the most influential solo artists of his generation. Featuring rare demos, interviews and live performances; it is told in it’s entirety from Mayer’s perspective.

Explore the full story and creative process of acclaimed, Grammy Award winning, guitarist and singer-songwriter John Mayer.

Produced and Edited by Eastwood Allen

I’ve just watched the entire 66 minutes of this film and quite frankly I’m surprised that this has been made available to stream for free! The film is incredibly well produced with a good ratio of interviews/talking to musical performances. The film tracks John Mayer’s career right from the beginning with footage and audio (for the really early ones) from some very early shows. It also includes some studio footage taken from various album sessions.

I’m not a huge fan of John Mayer’s music but I think the trio project he did with Steve Jordan was great and I think he is an extremely talented guitar player, his Hendrix and Blues covers are outstanding. So what I’m saying is, even if you’re not the biggest fan of Mayer’s own music you will still find this documentary really interesting in my opinion. Thanks to Eastwood Allen for all the hard work he put into producing this film and for making it available for everyone.