Ibanez JSA10BK
With NAMM just around the corner there are a number of leaks going around regarding new Ibanez models for 2010 and one that perhaps many would not have expected is the release of a Joe Satriani Signature Acoustic guitar, the JSA10 pictured above is, according to Voo-du blog going to retail for €1,111 and there will be a budget version called the JSA5 for about half that price. The guitar looks very similar to Steve Vai’s signature Ibanez acoustic so nothing really groundbreaking going on here I think more people will be excited by the release of the 24 fret JS series guitar called the JS2400 which will feature the Dimarzio Pro Track neck pickup. Also not sure if there is any truth in this but apparently the JS series are switching back to the original Edge tremelo, maybe this is due to not being able to use an intonation tool on the Edge Pro? Who knows we will have to wait and see what is uncovered at NAMM!