Leverty Guardian
I have featured the work of guitar graphic artist Jim Fogarty a couple of times on Guitar Noize for the Union Flag Twin Neck guitar but Jim recently contacted me to let me know he has finished the artwork on a special Leverty Guitar project. The Guardian guitar pictured left is something Jim started designed back in 2001, since then this has been an in-house project that I guess he has fit around his busy schedule hence the delay. This photo was shot before the guitar had been lacquered which will really bring the guitar to life. I will post a photo of the finished product once Jim’s partner in Leverty Custom Guitars, Dick Levens has finished the build but I can tell you it is a one piece Mahogany body and will have a one piece Maple neck with Ebony fingerboard.

So enjoy this little preview and if you want to see the entire painting process, which I think is an amazing collection of photographs showing the initial outlines all the way to the finished product (over 100 photos in all) head over to the Guardian guitar project page on Jim fogarty’s website.