The JHS Pedals Colour Box is a pedal designed to emulate the famous mixing consoles created in the 1960’s by Rupert Neve, Neve’s models such as the ‘1073’ and ‘1081’ microphone preamps are still among the most popular and expensive in the recording world and often emulated with DAW plugins, here JHS are recreating the preamp using high quality components such as a Lundahl Transformer.

The pedal uses the studio quality components and the combination of either a 1/4 inch mono or XLR input to allow you to use the pedal with either a guitar, bass, keyboards or a microphone. The output section has a 1/4 inch mono jack to run into a guitar amp for instance and an XLR jack to use for running into a desk in a studio, bot jacks can be used at the same time or independently. The pedal runs on 18v.

For more info keep your eye on the JHS Pedals website.