There are lots of guitar instruction sites online which focus on giving one on one tutorials for guitar players but what Jammmz does that is different is it creates a community that vote on each other’s playing and how well they play each challenge. I think this is a cool idea because rather than just leaving a comment which can often attract trolls to say irrelevant and hurtful comments the emphasis is on using the voting widgets to score each aspect of the challenge such playing the rhythm correctly or is the player playing in key. Check out the video above or head over to for more info and have a look at the press release below.

Press Release
Jammmz is a new, interactive, community-driven website focusing on improving musicianship in a fun and challenging way, and brings together all of the elements of some more popular instrument-teaching platforms and games on an unprecedented, real-life level.

Integration of an expansive social platform has been crucial for the effectiveness of the site.  Members of the Jammmz community learn from each other as their playing is graded and commented upon by their fellow users.  Instructors post in-depth instructional videos from which the members can learn the theory, tips, and tricks to get a particular playing style down pat. From power chords to arpeggios, slap-bass techniques, and syncopation, there is no limit to the knowledge being imparted from the qualified, professional musicians employed by Jammmz.

Several key motivating factors keep bringing the members back for more.  There is a ranking system that awards prestige, higher levels, and brings with it the admiration of peer musicians. Users can see themselves improving on their instrument by completing challenges on a progressively higher scale.  One of the newest features to be added to the site is a section called Sponsored Packages.  These groups of challenges offer actual prizes for the members whose uploaded solution outperforms the rest.

The simple system of learning the short piece of music featured in the challenge, uploading your own recorded solution, and having it graded by other members gives musicians the opportunity to learn from their peers around the world.  With easy ways to link your profile with Facebook and share it with friends, users can easily encourage others to take on the challenges in a friendly, competitive atmosphere.

Jammmz also boasts something most commercial sites do not– almost all features are currently free of charge.  There is also presently no monthly subscription; the premium packages that must be purchased are at the users’ discretion and feature copyrighted material on which Jammmz pays royalties. Musicians of all types who play all kinds of music can find a home at Jammmz; become a member and reap the benefits of worldwide musical knowledge.