If you have never seen Jammit I strongly urge you to check out the demo video above that shows “Mr Scary” by Dokken, not only can you isolate tracks but it also includes full TAB and music notation, you do have to purchase each song individually but the prices are pretty reasonable considering what you get, check out the store here – http://jammit.com/store/guitar. Jammit also run competitions such as the current Play-Off with Pantera where you can win heaps of cool prizes.

Press release
Jammit®, the leading music platform for jamming with original multi-track master recordings, announces new features that enable users to video capture their individual performances of songs from top artists, such as Boston, Rush, and Grateful Dead, and upload them directly to YouTube and Facebook to share with the world. This free update is available to all Jammit users for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac, and Windows platforms.

Jammit also unveils two new features to improve and enhance the user experience, including a proprietary guitar tuner integrated into the software that automatically calibrates to the specific tuning each isolated track requires. Unlike other hardware and software tuners, Jammit’s advanced detection technology eliminates the “jumpy needle effect” (caused by pitch overtones) making tuning faster and easier. In addition, the music platform now includes a selectable input pad for idevice users who record loudly, such as drummers.

Created by renowned, multi-platinum music producer Scott Humphrey (Motley Crüe, Rob Zombie, Ozzy Osbourne), Jammit is the definitive music platform that combines original isolated tracks with scrolling notation. This not only allows users to improve their playing, but also experience music from the perspective of those who originally created it. Find out more at www.jammit.com