I’ve reviewed a few of David Mead’s iOS apps in the past, the Guitar Gym app is one of my favourite guitar apps for iOS. Also check out the 12 Bar Blues app and the CAGED system app.

A Guitarist’s Guide To Reading Music is basically what it says on the tin, it is a guide to get you reading music using illustrated lessons and interactive examples.

This comprehensive app includes over 120 pages of expert tuition in reading music. Each of the 20 lessons is split into two parts – pitch and rhythm – so you’ll learn quickly and easily. “Over the years I’ve found that people learn to read faster if you look at pitch and rhythm separately,” David says. “That way you don’t have to concentrate on too much new information all at once. Once you’re confident with both of these elements, it becomes a simple task to fuse the two together – and voila, you’re reading music.”


  • 20 fully illustrated lessons
  • Over 120 pages with hundreds of diagrams
  • Assignments to check your progress
  • Interactive examples

If you’ve always wanted to be able to read music but don’t know where to start this may be a good way to get your head around the dots on the page.