Inky Hollow custom painted instruments
I had never heard of Inky Hollow until this years LIMS show when Music Radar featured a couple of their new guitar designs. Custom graphics on guitars were all the rage back in the 80’s and are suddenly having a bit of a revival. Inky Hollow’s Tom Shepherd will actually paint just about any instrument but his guitars do really stand out. All the artworks on the guitars are commissioned therefore each individual job is slightly different and the time needed for each one isn’t really known until Tom has all the necessary information but he does have a rough price guide starting from £400 for a front only, solid colour back and sides.

Inky Hollow are based in Swansea, Wales so really this is only going to be relevant to people in the UK but if you have ever had an idea for a custom paint job on your guitar like say having Thundercats painted onto your Ibanez why not give Tom a shout!