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Rocksmith 2014 has great songs on the disc and more waiting for you as downloadable content (DLC) on the Internet, but the first Rocksmith has even MORE great songs on the game with even more DLC and if you just have Rocksmith 2014 you can’t get the original’s songs unless you follow some steps that I’m about to lay out for you.  A LOT of people have been flooding the Steam forum looking for just this instruction, so having an instruction set with pictures will probably benefit a bunch of people.  All of the pictures can be clicked on and opened into bigger versions for easier viewing.  Here we go!

Note: I am only talking about PC/Mac users who have Rocksmith 2014.  I have no experience importing the old songs to the new game on consoles.

Note #2: This is what has worked for me and neither myself nor Guitar Noize can be held responsible if it doesn’t work for you.

Step 1: Okay, the first thing you’re going to need to do is buy the original Rocksmith on Steam.  It says it’s available for Windows only, but you can still purchase it from Steam even on a Mac.  Don’t worry about this, because you aren’t going to INSTALL it, you’re just buying it so Steam knows that you own it (which gives you access to the Importer Tool and RS1 DLC).  That’s all.  After you purchase it and it shows your receipt, restart Steam just to be safe.

Step 2: Go to “Library,” and select “All Games.”



Step 3: Click “Rocksmith 2014,” in the left column and then click “Store Page,” in the right column under “Links.”



Step 4: It should look something like this:



Scroll down until you see this:


Step 5: Click “Add to Cart,” under “Buy Rocksmith 2014 Disc Import Tool.”

Step 6: Go to your cart and pay for the import tool.  After you see the receipt show up, go ahead and restart Steam and Rocksmith 2014.  There should be an update screen as your plethora of songs are added to the RS14 library, and once it’s finished, the songs should be in the catalog with all the songs that came with RS14.

If you have any questions, the folks on the Steam forums are very nice and helpful, but do yourself a favor and search forum for answers before starting a new topic.

I hope this helps you out!