Ibanez Roadcore
Ibanez UK have posted the following information about the new Ibanez Roadcore guitars up on their Facebook page:

Ibanez is proud to introduce the new ROADCORE electric guitar. This double cutaway guitar incorporates a classic, retro design with all the modern playability you have come to expect from Ibanez. The ROADCORE’s individual round-profiled neck ensures comfort and playability, providing an instantly responsive and familiar feel. In combination with its mahogany body, the ROADCORE’s custom-designed CORE-TONE pickups provide warm, yet cutting sound. Plus the stability of the Tight-Tune bridge allows you to play and move with passion whilst remaining in tune.

It seems that they have taken the body of an Ibanez FR and swapped out the Tight-End bridge for a through body Tight-Tune, added double binding to the body and a vintage style Ibanez Roadstar headstock. I like it, I think it’s cool that they are going for something a little different and it will definitely appeal more to those who don’t like the pointy headstock and trem equipped guitars.