Ibanez RGIT27FE
Ibanez have further expanded their popular metal focussed Iron Label series with 2 new models, the RGIT20FE and a 7 string version called the RGIT27FE (photo above). As you can see the body features a blue stain finish that shows how the neck has been constructed from 7 pieces of Maple & Walnut and using neck through construction creating a strong center block to which Ash wings are attached. 

The blue finish is incredibly vibrant and striking which I really like although it seems to be moving the Iron Label series back into regular RG Series territory which, I think ultimately is a shame as they had created this cool niche series from black and white guitars and now it seems they are cashing in on the popularity and diluting the impact a little.

Both the RGIT20FE and RGIT27FE feature Ebony fretboards, EMG 61 & 81 humbuckers, a kill switch, Gotoh Magum lock machine heads and an Ibanez Gibraltar Standard II bridge as you would expect from the Iron Label series, for more information check out Ibanez’s website: