You might wonder why on earth the title of this post is a line from Bon Jovi’s ‘Dead or Alive’ and yet I’m featuring a screenshot of iVideosongs.com? Well the track is one of the latest additions to their ever growing arsenal of video guitar lessons where for a small price you get almost 40 minutes of private video tuition by instructor Steve Rieck including guitar tab which shows you how to play the electric and acoustic guitar parts for the Bon Jovi classic. All segments of the song are demonstrated and explained including the song’s signature arpeggiated acoustic intro, electric guitar solo, and lead fills.

It is hard to believe that iVideosongs.com still considers itself a beta release considering what they have already achieved. Their video podcast available through iTunes and there are no less than 7 different free video podcasts available such as ‘Beginning Guitar 101’ and ‘Left Hand Techniques’ as well as a ‘Lick of the week’. These serve as a bit of free advertising to draw guitarists to the site where they might choose to buy a video lesson on their favourite track. This is really what sets iVideosongs.com apart from other online guitar video instruction sites, they are focussing on learning complete songs rather than playing techniques and it seems to be working well for them.

This will appeal to some people and not to others for the simple fact that there are guitarists like me who like to find out interesting new techniques and patterns to practice, I like the old fashioned tab book or Guitar Pro tabs to learn tracks. However there are plenty of guitarists who will find this kind of tuition to learn songs a must have, and the prices range from $4.99 to $9.99 which if you compare to a DVD instruction video it is very competitive. There are 3 lessons by one of my favourite acoustic guitarists Pierre Bensusan, for $9.99 you get an hour and ten minutes of 1 on 1 tuition with one of the masters of modern acoustic guitar learning either ‘L’Alchimiste’, ‘Silent Passenger‘ or ‘So Long Michael‘ the last track being a tribute to Michael Hedges.

You might not care about learning a Rush song and having Alex Lifeson himself teach you (yes you can, really!) but rest assured asside from the celebrity lessons iVideosongs.com have built a very experienced and talented team of instructors to give you the best quality tuition. So put on your cowboy hat, break out your Ovation double neck acoustic and your Kramer Sambora signature model and head over to iVideosongs.com to start learning ‘Dead or Alive‘!

What do you mean you don’t have a double neck Ovation or a Kramer Signature model?!