hutchinson oxidizer overdrive
The Overdrive pedal market place is pretty crowded I think you would agree so even with the greatest, smoothest, amp-like sounding OD pedal in the world you still need to make an impression on people visually as well. Luckily (no luck at all btw) for Hutchinson Guitar Concepts they have years of experience creating some incredible unique instruments and have applied this design practice to their new limited run Overdrive pedal, The Oxidizer.

With its heavily rusted finish and Fe” (Iron/volume) and “O2″ (Oxidation/drive) controls, you know that it’s going to add some serious oxidation to the sound.

The Oxidizer creates overdrive tones going from tweed style to a heavier distorted tone. With its massive volume boost working in conjunction with your amps gain rather than instead of it, to hammer your amp and push it into overdrive without colouring the tone. The Oxidizer is responsive to pick attack and dynamics, and cleans up really well by rolling the guitar volume back. The pedal comes with an adapter but has a low drain on batteries, optimising playing time. Get yours now as they are limited to a run of 20 pedals, which are each hand numbered.

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