Discounted shopping sites are everywhere these days made especially popular by the group buying platform, Hello Music recently launched with their version for musicians covering everything from guitars, amps, drums to mics, mixing desks etc. All you have to do is sign up and log in to access the daily deals. There are limited numbers of each product available daily and Hello Music send you an email to let you know what will be on offer each day. Now this is currently US only but I reckon this type of site will start popping up in various countries pretty soon.

So what discounts are we talking, well ok let’s take the image above as an example because it isn’t quite as good a deal as they like to make out. What Hello Music do is to show the RRP of the product so as you can see the Les Paul above says $1600 Deal, $3399 Retail. Well a similar spec guitar will actually only cost you around $2200 from, similarly the SM57 was shown as $65 ($124 retail) which you could find for around the $100 so as you can see you definitely save but check prices online before you dive in thinking you have the saving of the century!