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You know who rocks? Stevie Ray Vaughan. Even dead, he’s still showing people how to play and he played like a fiend. He brought electric blues to a whole new crowd that had previously been unaware of it – or perhaps felt a but weird listening to it since so many modern people don’t have the same trials and tribulations to feel blue about like the old blues songs cover.

But in comes SRV, beating the hell out of his Strats (or Tele if the era is old enough), and he out the world on fire with poncho-covered Texas blues and the world rejoiced.

SRV was always vocal about his influences, though, and one of them was Albert King. SRV was huge into live music and tapped his Austin resources as much as possible and threw them in his mind’s blender and poured out what we know as SRV’s music. Albert King was a huge influence and SRV hooked up with him to record the album Albert King with Stevie Ray Vaughan In Session. The cover shows Albert King, loud and proud playing his trademark Flying V, with SRV sitting down in the background, head down staring at his fretboard, flat-brimmed hat covering half his face which I always thought was cool.

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The album is largely disregarded in favor of SRV’s more popular offerings, but shouldn’t be. It’s filled with great guitar playing and if you’re a fan of that type of blues, you owe it to yourself to check this album out.

Once you do, and fall in love with it, buy Hal Leonard’s note-for-note transcription book. It features standard notation and TAB, with about 180 pages of music. There are no written instructions, no techniques covered, and no included music or audio examples, but that doesn’t matter if you have the album. You can just use that as your example!

The book covers the following songs:
(They Call It) Stormy Monday (Stormy Monday Blues)
Pride and Joy
Ask Me No Questions
Blues At Sunrise
Overall Junction
Match Box Blues
Don’t Lie to Me

If you’re an SRV fan, an Albert King fan, a blues fan, or you’re just looking to learn from a couple of greats, this is a good opportunity. It retails for $22.99 and can be found either at your local music stores, or online HERE.