Guild Doyle Dykes
Huh?! Doyle Dykes Signature Model made by Guild? I hadn’t heard that Doyle was no longer with Taylor Guitars but I find this quite surprising considering how long he worked with Bob Taylor to create his signature guitar only to go to another company and basically recreate a similar guitar. There are some differences such as the offset inlays are now blocks rather than the semi-circular design on his previous signature model and instead of a black guitar it is a natural Spruce top with Big Leaf Maple back and sides. The shape of the guitar is very similar with the same cutaway design and it has an L.R. Baggs Pickup/Preamp System. The neck is 3-Piece Mahogany with Rosewood Center and a 12″ radius Ebony fretboard. The thing I find really interesting is that Doyle has moved to a longer scale length of 25 1/4″ compared to his previous guitar which featured a 24 7/8″, something I personally would have liked to try as I like shorter scale lengths on Acoustic guitars.

You can find out more information on this guitar over at Guild’s website –

Here is a video of Doyle Dykes talking about the guitar (Thanks to Zach for posting the video in the comments):