dv mark maragold
This amp has been a long time in the making, in fact the last time I spoke with Greg was back in November last year and there was still a lot of tweaking going on then and obviously, since. Well it is apparently finished and ready just in time for NAMM, the Greg Howe DV Mark signature amp will be called, like his new band, Maragold and you can just make out the amp in the photo above. I will post a better photo when I get one.

All the qualities of my favorite amps put into one. Classic British Amp characteristics fundamentally without the slap in the face – very simple – very organic – very immediate/quick response with very comfortable playability – natural compression felt from the output stage – 40 watts, EL34s – extremely warm and thick, yet very focused at the same time.

I’ll stop talking…you’ll hear it soon enough.