Erlewine Chiquita - The Back To The Future guitar
My brother inadvertently gave me the idea for this post after commenting on the photo of my new Weber Load Dump (full review to come) and I suddenly realised I had never featured this guitar before. Now you’ve all seen Back To The Future part 1 right? The bit right at the start where Marty McFly goes over to the Doc’s house and plugs into the gigantic Amplifier turns everything up to 10 and then using a shiny metal pick strikes the strings of a small gold guitar plugged in with a n 80’s curly lead only to be propelled backwards across the room. Well have you ever wondered what that guitar was and where to get one? Well I give you the Erlewine Chiquita travel guitar! This 28″ long guitar has a 19″ scale length weighs in at 4.5 lbs, has a single humbucker and volume control, a Schaller bridge and is made from Honduras Mahogany with a 23 fret Rosewood fingerboard.

Not only do Erlewine make this guitar, but they also make the Lazer too! I remember seeing some session guitarist interviewed years ago (late 80’s) in a guitar mag who used a red Lazer and I haven’t seen one since. Well it turns out Johnny Winter is a fan! Erlewine also make custom guitars which look a bit more traditional just in case you were wondering. Personally I want a Gold top Chiquita!