I’m sure you have already heard of Gruv Gear if only for their excellent Fret Wraps but their main area of expertise lies in Multi-Use bags and Utility Gear. Now Gruv Gear have turned their attention to reinventing the gig bag and they are using popular crowd funding platform Kickstarter to help speed up production.

gruvgear gigblade

Gig bag development has reached the point now where for most situations it makes more sense to use one than a hard case, the padding and strength of materials used today are capable of protecting any guitar or bass unless of course you are putting it in the hold of a plane, and then even a hard case might not be enough protection! Gruv Gear have contracted a factory that already has experience making high quality luggage and bags and they included the necessary neck and side impact protection pads (these can be repositioned to accommodate off-centre strap buttons). The design also allows you to have the gig bag in three different carrying positions, over the shoulder (the primary functionality), single strap across your body or cross-sling which then would hang on your back or using what Gruv Gear called quick Stealth-mode which utilises a separate strap as a handle on the side (view the campaign page for details).

gruv gear - gigblade

I think this looks like an excellent idea, here are the key benefits of the GigBlade:

  • Super-fast to slip over one shoulder and you’re off
  • The top never sticks out over your head so you don’t hit doorways
  • Designed to stay on your side, so you can walk naturally without bouncing on the back of your legs
  • Center of gravity is lower so you don’t feel like you’re getting pulled off-balance
  • Designed symmetrically to be worn on either left or right shoulder. It has several other carrying options including a quiver-style sling, as a cross-back sling, and as a traditional backpack style (with optional 2nd strap).

Target retail for the GigBlade is $199 USD (plus $30 flat-rate shipping within USA). Our Kickstarter prices below get you a GigBlade for less than HALF PRICE if you pledge early, so don’t wait use the widget below to click through to the campaign page.