The title of this book, ‘The Gibson Les Paul – The Illustrated History Of The Guitar That Changed Rock”, is as you can see a bit of a mouthful but author Dave Hunter is known to go a little crazy with his titles, for instance check out the excellent book – The Fender Telecaster – The Life & Times Of The Electric Guitar That Changed The World that I reviewed back in 2012 and of course the amazing Amped – The Illustrated History of the World’s Greatest Amplifiers by Dave Hunter. Dave Hunter is a very talented and knowledgeable writer of all things guitar so I’m sure his latest effort will be a big hit, especially among Gibson fans.

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Press Release
THE GIBSON LES PAUL: THE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY OF THE GUITAR THAT CHANGED ROCK by Dave Hunter is a massive illustrated history of the famous guitar. Starting with the Les Paul’s history and origins, the book traces the history and evolution of the guitar, from its 1952 introduction to the present day. In addition to the Stand- ards and Customs that guitarists admire so much, author Hunter provides ample cov- erage of variations like Juniors, Specials, and SGs.

The full history is presented in depth—with rare photos of guitars, gear and players— getting into the design and manufacturing from the early years to today. The evolu- tion of the neck, pickups, and body are also explored, for the various models.

Included are profiles and great photos of players who famously played Les Pauls, in addition to the greats listed above. These include Joe Perry, Peter Frampton, Paul Kossoff, Keith Richards, Hubert Sumlin, Mike Bloomfield, and many others. The pro- files contain details on the player’s favorite Les Pauls, recorded output and more.
There’s more than 400 images including studio shots of the guitars, rare blueprints and sketches, candid and performance photography of the musicians and a large col- lection of relevant memorabilia.

The book is available to purchase via the Voyageur Press website, you can also follow them on facebook.