gibson lineup 2014
Gibson Guitars (does anyone else think it’s weird having www2 in the Gibson url or is it just me?!) have just announced their 2014 lineup and it includes some really nice colour variations, new specifications to their existing guitars and some reductions in pricing. I don’t have the exact details on the colours but I picked a few from the lineup as you can see above that I thought were really nice, a transparent seafoam green kind of colour on the Les Paul Classic , a transparent faded denim colour on the Les Paul Traditional and the brazen hussy that is the SG Futura – Min-ETune in glossy turquoise!

Aside from the new satin and gloss finishes Gibson have announced four new pickups to choose from, Non-slip, easy grip knobs, one-piece fingerboards (what were they before?!) and Cryogenically treated frets which give you super powers… or was that Kryptonite. It is also going to be Gibson’s 120th Anniversary so there will be a special 12th fret inlay too but there is no details about which models will feature this.

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