Gibson Custom Joe Bonamassa LTD Signature Les Paul VOS, now there’s a mouthful! It is also a little bit misleading, Joe Bonamassa has absolutely nothing to do with this limited edition guitar from what I can tell, this is a custom order of 25 guitars by Wildwood Guitars. It is basically the same guitar as the Joe Bonamassa signature Les Paul Goldtop but with a Sunburst finish which they call a “Bonamassa Burst” which has an antique look to it. The guitar will be available for $3899 from Wildwood Guitars.

via Guitar Lifestyle

Update: Josh from Guitar Lifestyle just informed me that “Joe mentioned on the forums on his site that he got a prototype copy of the guitar before they started production”, so while it may not be an “official” Joe Bonamassa Signature model designed by the man himself it seems that it does have his seal of approval.