The Peavey Vypyr 15 is the entry level digital modelling amp in the Vypyr range which currently has 6 combo models and one 120 Watt head. The range is separated into two halves, the standard Vypyr models and the Vypyr Tube models which include a single 6L6 Tube in the Power amp of the 60 watt version and 4 6L6GC tubes in the 120 watt head, styled after the Peavey 6505.

The model I was loaned to review by the kind folks at Audio Products Group is the most simple all digital amp in the series but despite its lack of power tube(s) this little and very loud amp still has plenty of attitude and the on-board effects will have you tweaking the controls for some time. The amp does have a number of easy to store presets available, 3 sets of 4 which you can easily switch between on the front panel but there is also an external foot controller available separately from Peavey called the Peavey Sanpera should you wish to maybe use this amp with a band, although you would probably need the Vypyr 30 to be heard over some of the drummers I’ve played with!

So here are the amp specs:
– 15 watts.
– 24 amp channel models. (12 models with a switchable Clean & OD channel)
– Three-band EQ, master volume and pre- and post-gain controls.
– 12 amplifier presets.
– 11 editable rack effects.
– 8” (203mm) custom-voiced modeling speaker.
– On-board chromatic tuner.
– Tap Tempo button.
– Studio-quality headphone and record out.
– MP3/CD/Aux input.
– Patented TransTube® technology in preamp and power amp.
– Includes evaluation version of REAPER and demo of Revalverâ„¢ HP.
– Dimensions (HxWxD): 15” (380 mm) x 16.7” (424 mm) x 9.25” (235 mm)
– Weight: 16.5 lbs (7.5 kg)

If you go up to the Vypyr 30 model you also get another control knob before the amp models which is a set of “stomp Box” effects as well as the “rack effects” the idea is that the controls are laid out like you would have an analog signal chain, stomps -> amp -> rack effects.

As you can hear from my demo the amp’s effects are very usable and I had a lot of fun with the simple 2 parameter tweaking interface. At any time you are able to add delay and/or reverb on top of any amp and effect which is great because I’ve played on modelling amps where delay was one of the effects that couldn’t be combined, Peavey knows how much guitarists love delay. The amp models vary from Fender style models to the Peavey Classic, from the Peavey XXX to a Peavey 6505, Rec and Dzl which are all modelled on famous amps, I had a lot of fun with the high gain amps as you will see at the end of my demo.

Despite it’s compact size and small 8″ speaker the Vypyr 15 kicks out a lot of volume and I never got the master volume above approx. 3, and this amp goes up to 13! I haven’t performed any kind of post processing on this demo it is just my Suhr Modern direct into the Peavey Vypyr 15 using an Armor Gold Cable and mic’d with a single Audix i5 Dynamic Microphone. I think many people will be surprised by the sounds you can get by this amp and it is the perfect beginner – intermediate amp, I would have been seriously chuffed if this had been my first amp.

If you are in Australia and interested in testing one of Peavey’s Vypyr range please go to and search for your local dealer.