The Golden Cello is the latest creation from Finish effects company Mad Professor which aims to give guitar players one of the most sought after lead tones on the planet, sweet cello-like singing fat lead tone with luscious open ambient tape delay. If you have heard Eric Johnson or Joe Bonamassa you will know the tone I am talking about and all you need is a clean (preferably) tube amp to get this creamy overdrive tone at any volume level.

There are four knobs to control the pedal: Volume, Delay level, Tone and Drive. The delay time and feedback is fixed to factory default but you can open the pedal up and tweak these settings using internal trim pots, be careful though and make sure you have the correct tool to do this as you have to adjust it through a hole in the PCB.

This pedal is very addictive and works straight out of the box with whatever guitar you plug into it, I found that my Mahogany body Patrick Eggle used in the demo above had quite a dark sound whereas my Taylor SolidBody had more of a bright tone so you just need to adjust the pedal tone knob to suit.

This pedal is available exclusively from and for $199.