Back in August 2010 I reviewed a distortion pedal by Goosoniqueworx called the Seventh Heaven which is now in it’s second version called the 7thv. Another pedal has now been added to the family called the Kult which as you will hear in my demo is a no holds barred all out brutal dual channel high gain distortion pedal. I recorded this demo using my Suhr Modern with high output Suhr Aldrich Humbuckers and a 9v power supply. I assume with 18v you may get a little more headroom and therefore it may clean up a little more but with my setup even on the green channel with the gain set to minimum you still had quite a lot of distortion. If you prefer low gain pedals the 7thvn has a channel caters perfectly for this while the high gain channel provides plenty of fat distortion. The real power in the Kult lies in the EQ section, I found that even small adjustments could make a dramatic difference to the tone so it is worth setting aside plenty of time to fiddle with the treble, middle and bass and see how using the presence or feedback control affects how the EQ reacts. This makes the pedal very “amp-like” and I found myself barely touching the volume and gain once I found levels I liked and instead seeing how the gain structure was altered by boosting the mids for example.

Here are the pedal specs:

  • Dual channel footswitchable.
  • NOS Jfet’s
  • Transparent Jfet buffered out.
  • True bypass heavy duty foot switches.
  • Alpha audio taper pots for all 6 controls.
  • Heavy duty selector switches.
  • Neutrik input/output jacks.
  • Selected Wima caps.
  • Powder coated enclosures.
  • High Quality RoHS PCB. (made in the USA).
  • Very low floor noise operation at high gain settings thus requires no noise suppressors after.
  • 9Vdc – 18Vdc external regulated.

For more info:
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