The original post for this gear demo was recently lost by my incompetent ex-hosting company so here it is again for anyone that missed it the first time around, or for anyone who wants to see it again!

So what Electro-Harmonix have created is a range of pedals called Next Step that ingeniously uses a motion sensor similar to those found in iPhones etc. to create a smooth sweeping pedal that has no moving parts. The downside, and this may be a deal breaker for some, you can’t attach the pedal to a pedalboard. I have said this before though, I think it is only a matter of time before someone creates some kind of cradle for these pedals so that you can, we shall see. The upside is that this technology is brilliant.

The Talking Pedal as you will hear from the demo above is a Vocal Formant Wah with a built in Fuzz circuit with a Fuzz volume control on the side of the pedal. The pedal is simple to calibrate as I demonstrate and very simple to operate. You need to get used to feeling where the the toe position ends because if you go too far you turn the pedal off, but it doesn’t take long before a combination of feel and listening for the eq to peak allow you to sweep the entire range without fear of switching it off. The Fuzz, as you can hear, is great and it enhances the effect beautifully. There is a lot of gain available but around the 6-7 mark was my personal favourite setting to keep the single note clarity.

This effect has a limited audience, it isn’t a traditional Wah like their Crying Tone Next Step pedal, some people will love it, some will hate it and that is the nature of effects like formant filters which create vocal-like sounds. I would love to see the Crying Tone Wah with the fuzz circuit included, I’m not sure why they only included it on this pedal? Either way EHX have thought outside the box with the Next Step pedals and created something unique and technologically advanced. Now if they can now work on a way to harness these pedals onto a pedal board…