Freshman Guitars based in Scotland who have won numerous awards from various guitar magazines including Total Guitar for their Acoustic guitar range have announced that they will be upgrading the majority of their guitar range to Bone Nut and Saddles. Freshman Guitars don’t only make high end acoustic guitars but also many acoustic and electro-acoustic guitars that are under £300 so it is more of an announcement that their budget priced guitars are getting the higher quality hardware from the £2000 guitars.

All new guitars shipped in our Maple Ridge, Cedar Creek, Open Plains, Apollo Collection/Boutique, 500, and 600 series now feature bone nut and saddles.

In addition, Freshman Guitars are now fitting a second strap button to these series. “Customers regularly ask us for this feature, so we’re proud to meet their expectations with this change, and reinforce the incredible value for money our guitars represent.”

“We are always looking to react to customer feedback,” says Sean Kelly, Owner and Designer of Freshman Guitars. “Adding that second strap button is a great way for us to offer even better value with our guitars. On the other hand, the bone nut and saddle as standard is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time. The benefits to the quality of the tone are fantastic, as are each of these instruments. We endeavour to offer truly exceptional value for money, and I think everybody would agree that it’s incredible to have these features fitted as standard on such affordable guitars.”

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