I am often asked which audio interface I use for recording both my gear demos on Youtube.com and audio demos on Soundcloud.com and seeing as I just upgraded I thought I’d do a quick video showing my interface and explaining the features and the software included.

So after checking out what was available I decided that all I needed was a 2 input 4 output audio interface that was capable of accepting both XLR and Instrument cable inputs. My old interface was pretty cheap and the audio quality was lacking but then I did buy it 5 or 6 years ago so I was looking forward to seeing the difference.

Focusrite is famous for having excellent built-in Mic Preamps in their interfaces and there certainly seems to be a lot less noise than I was experiencing with my old Tapco. I also noticed a significant improvement of the audio output signal going to my NAD amp and monitors, like someone had just lifted a blanket off of them. Apparently the outputs have a dynamic range of over 105dB.

The gain halos which surround the gain knob for each input provide an easy way to know that the signal you’re recording is the right level. It will show green when the signal is at a good level (above -24dBFS). If it turns to red, you know that the signal is too loud and is therefore clipping – if this happens, simply reduce the gain until the halo returns to green.

The anodised aluminium unibody chassis not only looks good it is very tough and will ensure that no damage occurs if you are taking the interface from place to place to record.

You can see a full list of features and specifications over at the Focusrite website.

Here is my first product demo recorded using the Scarlett 2i4 – http://youtu.be/IxUL-Rr1y-0