floydrose stone tone granite sustain blocks
For those that really want to ROCK! Sorry I couldn’t resist… So if you are the owner of a guitar with a weedy Floyd Rose style sustain block, like those little pot metal blocks Ibanez use then you will have probably looked into upgrading to either a Steel, Brass or Titanium block as a replacement. Now I have tested Brass against a Steel block in the past and there was barely any difference but I had a hefty steel block in the first place and I actually preferred the Steel block over Brass. Now Floyd Rose are offering another block instead of metal made from Granite called the Floyd Rose Stone Tone!

These patented blocks are made of granite, and are designed to enhance and strengthen the sound of your tremolo-equipped instrument across the entire audio spectrum. Granite, when quarried in its natural state, is not only of an ideal density for the purpose of sustain, but also has a crystalline atomic structure which is ideal for sonic transference—it requires no factory processing or dilution, and the natural change in sound, upon installation, is so drastic that signal loss from the guitar to the amplifier will be decreased by at least 30%. Comes with stainless steel sustain block mounting screws.

The Stone Tone blocks are available in 32mm, 37mm or 42mm versions and also an L shape version