fender reclaimed wood series
This quirky new series from Fender is a run of guitars made from reclaimed and recycled Pine and Redwood which have a very distinctive look, Pine has been used since the birth of the Telecaster by Leo Fender and has a great tone but Pine Stratocasters are not so common, Redwood is seen usually on boutique luthier guitars such as Nik Huber rather than mainstream models.

To maintain the natural beauty of the reclaimed Eastern Pine wood (from 1868!) which was salvaged from a dairy barn in a small rural Midwestern village in Lake Odessa, Mich., accentuate special anomalies such as knots and holes, and allow the guitars to truly breathe, builders left the wood intact and unconcealed with the exception of a hand-rubbed stain. The Reclaimed Eastern Pine Telecaster and Stratocaster have the following special features:

  • A striking rosewood neck with hand-rubbed oil finish allows the wood to breathe and resonate freely.
  • Texas Special™ neck pickup and Broadcaster Bridge pickup for shimmering, earthy Tele twang.
  • Specially treated aged hardware, including a Fender-stamped chromed brass plate, for a truly rustic look.

Meanwhile the reclaimed old-growth Redwood Stratocaster acquired from road bridges spanning Walker Basin Creek and Caliente Creek, just outside of Bakersfield, Calif. varies in weight and density so each guitar projects a complex tone that is completely unique. “To offset the antiqued elegance of the aging wood, Fender craftsmen enhanced each understated instrument with modern features for a true combination of past and present. The necks and bodies are also hand-stained and left untreated to accentuate a natural look, feel and sound.”

Special features:

  • Channel-bound rosewood fingerboard with rounded edges for a distinct look and comfortable fretting-hand feel.
  • Compound-radius (9.5”-14”) fingerboard for easy bending.
  • Versatile pickup configurations for classic Stratocaster sparkle and Telecaster twang, with added power and dimension.