When StevieSnacks.com launched back in 2007 I was immediately impressed by how the founder, Anthony Stauffer, was able to get great SRV style tones from his fairly modest setup. As the site grew as did Anthony’s gear collection but it was never beyond the reach of the average punter who wanted to get great texas blues tones. Also Anthony is a natural teacher, charismatic and natural in front of the camera and over the years he has honed his video production and editing skills to a highly professional level. When you buy one of Anthony’s lesson packages you know you are going to get a first class product, how do I know that? Because Anthony has been posting videos to YouTube called ‘Free Lesson Friday’ that are short videos usually concentrating on a single idea, such as How to solo longer in Voodoo Child which you can watch below:

Now Anthony has decided to retire StevieSnacks.com, but hang on before you start complaining the reason why is that he has created a completely new site called Texas Blues Alley, a name that Anthony feels much more comfortable with as it is a better description of what he teaches. It’s not all Stevie!

Texas Blues Alley is very easy to navigate, in the top nav you will see 4 menu items on the left, Home includes Setlist (a list of items added to the site in chronological order) and News. Next is The Woodshed which contains Full Courses which is the main area of the site and lets you easily find lessons by clicking on the category tabs, clicking through to the details of a course will let you find out more information and watch some video snippets to help you decide if the course is right for you. Next up is Free Lesson Friday which I have already talked about.

The next menu item is Old Tone Zone which includes Gear Index, this is all the gear used on the videos on the site. Click on an item, such as Zexcoil Pickups and you will see which videos they are used in and some photos. Moving on, next up is Tone Tuesday which are a series of gear demo videos.

Finally comes The Stage which has 2 areas, Performances and Backing Tracks. Check out the links to see and hear Anthony in action!

There are a million guitar lesson websites out there but if you are specifically interested in playing blues you have to check out Texas Blues Alley. And by the way the site isn’t just Texas Blues, have a look at the influences collection for courses on the 3 King’s. Congratulations to Anthony for building an excellent resource for guitarists and we hope that Texas Blues Alley is an even bigger success than StevieSnacks!