F1 Picks
Check out this crazy guitar pick! The F-1 Pick is ergonomically designed to stick to your finger so that you can loosen your grip and therefore relaxing your hand, arm and neck, reducing fatigue and 'œRepetitive Stress Injury'. “This improves control, increases speed, accuracy and promotes a fluid playing style. 'œThe pick seems to float in your hand', and is almost impossible to drop.” – a bold statement, I’m sure it is possible to drop! From the photo on the left you probably have no idea what is going on so I suggest you check out this YouTube video of someone holding the pick, no wait they’re not holding it, it is magically sticking to his finger! *insert eerie ghost noises*

But wait… there’s more! What is better than 1 pick? Surely it would be 2 picks stuck together with an ergonomic grip glued to it? You need the FX2 guitar pick!.

But seriously though what could be better than 2 picks, I mean where do you go from there? surely nothing could be better than 2 picks stuck together right? WRONG! You need 3 picks stuck together with an ergonomic grip glued on because like Gillette like us to think more is better and they are only $7 each!

Right bugger this I’m off to stick 4 picks together and make them vibrate, I shall call it the MACH 4 TURBO POWER PICK!