Ernie Ball Music Man Select Sparkle Series

Fancy a Music Man guitar with a bit of extra cool bling? Well Every year Music Man does a limited edition run of instruments with a unique finish, last year it was honeyburst with roasted neck, this year it is the Select Sparkle Series which features an Emerald Green Sparkle finish which combines three different flake sizes into a translucent candy green finish. The window to order one of these beauties is only open for a few weeks so you will have to decide pretty quickly and is available on every model (guitar or bass) with the exception of the Armada, for an upcharge of $250.

If you are based here Australia you can check out CMC Music’s site to find your local dealer here – If you do decide to purchase a Green Sparkle Music Man I want to see pics when it is your NGD! I’m thinking an Axis or JP 7 would be cool?