Epiphone Les Paul Custom PRO

Epiphone Explorer PRO

Press Release

Epiphone Instruments announced the release of their Limited-Edition “TV Silver” Collection featuring the world famous Les Paul Standard, the Les Paul Custom PRO, the 1966 G-400 PRO, the Explorer PRO, the Wilshire PRO and the Thunderbird-IV Bass. All six classic guitars are finished in beautiful TV Silver, combining vintage vibe with futuristic shine. Each guitar is issued in limited quantities.

“Our fans are connoisseurs of our guitars and they give us the confidence to move forward and expand on our classics,” said Epiphone President Jim Rosenberg. “The ‘TV Silver Collection’ looks like it could have come from the early ‘60s, but these instruments have more power and versatility than even Les Paul could have imagined!”

The Limited-Edition “TV Silver” Collection instruments were designed with the passionate guitar player in mind. In addition to the classic features guitar aficionados expect from vintage models, Epiphone added pickup, electronic and hardware improvements. The “TV Silver Collection” is built to stand the test of time with premium GroverTM and WilkinsonTM machine heads and classic Alnico ClassicTM and ProBuckerTM humbucker pickups with coil-tapping.