Ok so normally I’m not really into gimmicky pedals but having played around with the EHX POG2 and spent most of the time trying to get a convincing organ sound so imagine my excitement when I saw the EHX B9 demo video above. Seriously how good does it sound?! I don’t know how often I would use it but I REALLY want it.


Press Release
The B9’s layout is straight forward and intuitive. A nine-position switch allows the player to select among different popular organ types. The Organ volume knob controls the overall volume of the Organ preset while Dry volume controls the volume of the untreated instrument level at the Organ Output jack. This enables a player to mix the sound of their original instrument with the organ to create lush layers, or mute it entirely.

A Mod control adjusts the modulation speed. The type of modulation provided is contingent on the preset and matched to it. A Click control was designed to simulate the harmonic percussion effect that is a sonic signature of many classic organs. For maximum authenticity, the click is added to the very first note or chord played and only retriggers when current notes have been released and their amplitude falls below a threshold.