Gearmandude has posted a very interesting demo comparing the new EHX Soul Food Overdrive pedal to a Klon Centaur which as you probably know is one heck of an overpriced pedal which you can find fetching close to $1000 on ebay for some bizarre reason. Well I think this demo says it all, EHX have created an overdrive pedal that is every bit as transparent as the Klon and for a fraction of the price. I listened to the demo without looking at the screen and I could barely tell that he was switching pedals.

The Soul Food’s unique design features boosted power rails for extra headroom and definition. Uses range from a clean boost all the way to heavy amp saturation—all achieved without adding coloration. This pedal was built for the tone conscious player who needs to cut through a mix without altering the voice of his or her instrument.

The control layout includes Volume, Treble and Drive knobs. Volume sets the overall output level of the pedal while Drive adjusts the saturation and gain. The Treble control seemingly pulls shimmering upper harmonics out of thin air without sounding shrill. With an internal switch, the player can choose to run the Soul Food in high-quality buffered or true bypass modes to help keep a healthy effect chain.

The new Soul Food pedal is housed in a compact die-cast package, is shipped with a 9.6-Volt/DC200mA AC adapter, can be powered by a 9-volt battery and carries a U.S. list price of $83.74.

ehx soul food