Van Halen News Desk have shared this great video of an instrumental Eddie Van Halen track called ‘All Fired Up’ that he produced with a drum machine back in 1983 for the film ‘The Wild Life’.

VHND reported that “The director wanted a piece of music that would play in the background of a crazy, rowdy house party. THIS is what Eddie gave him. In the movie, viewers can hear only sections of the track, obscured by the loud party.

Some of what Eddie’s playing here became parts of “A.F.U.(Naturally Wired)” on OU812.”

Also check out ‘(Nearly) Good Enough‘, ‘Back To School‘, ‘Top Down‘ and finally ‘Out The Window‘ which you might recognise the first few seconds from ‘Back To The Future’ where Marty (wearing a radiation suit) puts his Walkman headphones on George McFly to wake him up and proceeds to pretend to be an alien.