I know, from the tittle some of you will probably be expecting some country licks but we´re here to discuss some segments from the solo of Cowboys From Hell (1990), when Diamond Darrell became Dimebag Darrell, and his band went from Glam to a Heavy Metal monster.

Fig 1 (0:16)

0:16 In this first lick Eddie’s influence is definitely notorious (Eddie Van Halen), both form the note choice and the picking technique employed.
This is a symmetric scale which means that the fingering in one string is repeated in all the other strings, as for the picking the first three notes in each string are picked and the following three are hammer ons. Finally when he gets to the first string he finishes the lick with a short legato pattern and a slow bend in the 15th fret.

Fig 1

Fig 2 (0:22)

This is a lick you must be careful with, because it involves a huge stretch from your fretting hand and it may definitely cause injuries, so remember to always warm up before playing something that is physically challenging.
Anyway, this is another symmetric fingering, played with legato technique and stretching your fingers from frets 12 through 20 in four different strings. Keep in mind to maintain your fingers relaxed and a good posture.

Fig 2

Fig 3 (0:36)

In the first part Dimebag pays tribute to another of his favorite players Ace Frehley via a bluesy lick, with a classic blues fingering (using only fingers 1, 2 and 3 in frets 12, 14 and 15 respectively).
For the solo ending he performs a series of slides with, fingers 1 and 4 in intervals of 6ths and finally he wraps it up with a bend with his third finger in the first string.

Fig 3

To check out more of David Escobar’s solo transcriptions head over to his YouTube channel – http://www.youtube.com/user/DavidIEscobar