I wondered when they would finally release this pickup, it seems like they have been developing it forever… in fact it is only 2 years.

Press Release
DiMarzio, Inc. announces the release of the Satch Track™ Neck hum-canceling pickup for electric guitars. Created for renowned guitarist Joe Satriani, the Satch Track™ Neck pickup is available for retail sale from DiMarzio.

Joe Satriani is continually refining and sharpening his sound. Two years in the making, the Satch Track™ Neck is Joe’s first single-coil size signature pickup. Articulate, vocal and musical, it is our most advanced Fast Track-style pickup to date.

The Satch Track™ Neck bridges the gap between classic humbucker and single-coil performance. It tracks pick attack and string vibration quickly and accurately like a single-coil, but the voicing is wider and stronger, like a humbucker. The highs are very warm, and clarity is created by keeping the mids and lows tight and focused.

Wiring: 4-conductor
Magnet: Ceramic
Output: 245mV
Treble: 7.0
Middle: 5.5
Bass: 5.5
DC resistance: 7.02Kohms

DiMarzio’s Satch Track™ Neck pickup is made in the U.S.A., and may now be ordered for immediate delivery. Suggested List Price is $119.99. For more information about the Satch Track™ Neck pickup, please visit our website at www.dimarzio.com.

Or how about a Chrome version!