The POG2 from Electro-harmonix is the second generation of the popular Polyphonic Octave Generator capable of adding -2,-1,+1 & +2 Octaves to your signal simultaneously as well as removing the dry signal from the mix. New to version 2 is an attack control for volume swells on your effect, the 2-pole resonant low-pass filter now includes two additional Q modes and the newly enhanced detune control can add yet another dimension to your sound. I have tried to cover everything in my demo above but I have only demonstrated the pedal in its most basic form, prepare to spend countless hours tweaking sliders and saving sounds into 1 of the 8 presets I had to restrain myself otherwise I would probably have stayed up all night when it arrived. The only downside I can find is that if I was recording an album it would be on every track, which lets be honest might be a little over the top… well it would be the way I would use it.

I didn’t do the popular 12 string effect easily achievable with this pedal in my demo but it is just a matter of adjusting the +1 & +2 octaves until you get the desired effect. By the way one of the cool uses of the detune slider is that you can actually just add this and no other sliders to your dry signal to get a cool vintage chorus style effect!

Quick Specs:
True bypass
Totally programmable 8-preset memory with instant recall
5 mixable polyphonic octave harmonics
Attack delay slider controls the fade-in speed of the octaves
Low Pass filter with selectable Q
Dry signal can be routed through the Attack, LP, and Detune faders
Flawless polyphonic glitch-free tracking
Can be daisy chained with other pedals and power supplies
9DC-200 power supply included

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